Author Archivesss: Jac Knust

30 Oct 2013

What is Collaborative Divorce?


If you’re considering divorce, you may be subjected to a drawn-out, expensive battle whose outcome will be decided by a judge. But if you and your spouse are on reasonably good terms — or at least willing to work together to come to an agreement — there’s another option: collaborative divorce. Working Together on a more...

24 Oct 2013

3 Reasons to Choose Collaborative Law in Maryland


It used to be that when you had a serious, law-worthy dispute with a spouse, neighbor, or anyone else you headed to court. Everyone fought like cats and dogs. Everyone got angry and stayed that way for years. Everyone hated the whole thing, but everyone gritted their teeth and put up with it. Choosing the more...

17 Oct 2013

5 Factors to Consider in a Child Custody Case in Maryland

Child Custody

A child custody case in Maryland can very quickly become contested and more heated than it needs to be.  However, it is important to keep in mind several factors which will not only help the process go smoothly, but will additionally assist in the years to come. Your ex-spouse is not your worst enemy.  Making more...

12 Oct 2013

Ways Not to Act During a Divorce


Parents so often forget that a divorce impacts more than just their own relationship with their spouse, but has a drastic life-shattering impact on their children at the same time.  The perspective of a child during a divorce is often one of disbelief and fear.  Children know their life as the same day-to-day, full of more...

9 Oct 2013

Does My Case Qualify as Collaborative Law?


Collaborative law can be an easy alternative to resolve a dispute regarding a family law case, very often in divorce cases.  Collaborate law offers an effective, simple way to finalize a divorce, including child custody issues.  Both parties, together with their attorneys and other neutral professionals, work together to agree upon a settlement agreement without more...

4 Oct 2013

Knowing Your Parental Rights in Maryland

Child Custody

Maryland, like many other states, does not have a direct list of parental rights found in its state law.  However, courts have ruled on numerous cases which now provide a template for parental rights in Maryland.  Maryland law typically upholds constitutional parental rights, subject to specific provisions that have been laid out in different court more...