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Property and Business Division

We Guide You Through the Division of Marital Property in Maryland Between You and Your Spouse

Personal Property and Business Assets

Our creative, experienced family lawyers at The Collaborative Law Group in Maryland have helped divorcing couples reach an agreement on property and business division settlements for over 50 years. 

These aspects of your settlement are tough to change. Our tenacity and attention to detail enable the kind of honest assessment you receive as a part of our quality legal representation that can get results for you.

Achieve your post-divorce goals faster, cheaper and with greater control than through the bitter litigation route. Contact our Columbia law offices to find out more about the great work we can do for you, and with you, via collaborative law or mediation.

You Talk, We Listen

Our outlook on property division is centered around a spirit of cooperation so that every party is heard and every concern is given great concern. We work with financial experts, accountants, and appraisers who can help our clients understand the issues surrounding these complicated property matters. These issues include but are not limited to:

  • family business ownership
  • continuation of a business by a future generation
  • executive compensation packages
  • pensions
  • retirement income via 401k’s and IRA’s
  • stocks
  • complex real estate ventures
  • assets with tax ramifications that need to be divided

We will supply you with complete documentation of everything and leave no discussion open to misinterpretation, so that you can make an informed decision about your family’s future. We will do everything we can to play a productive role in this and any other phase of your post-divorce healing process.

Business Assets of All Sizes

Our wealth of experience in evaluating business ownership interests, real estate status, and tangible/intangible business assets can protect your interests and those of future generations.

Using our own research coupled with information from you, we can measure the increase in value for the business and determine who has the right to manage the business after your divorce, if it had been run jointly in the past. We apply different business valuation methods and are aware of the many variables that can affect a valuation; we know what questions to ask, what outside sources’ input may be necessary, and how to challenge an opposing expert if the situation demands it.

Our many years of valuable experience in assisting divorcing couples with the division of business property covers every contingency, from dealing with small retailers to professional practice groups and large manufacturing firms. We want a solution that is viable for you and conducive to the continuous success of whatever your business may be.

Real Estate In A Divorce

The first step in a real estate division is determining the value of your property whether it be a residential house, vacation home, timeshare, investment property, or retirement residence. We utilize the real estate’s tax-assessed value, appraisers” market evaluation, and realtor findings, so that all parties involved agree on the market value and to maximize the potential sale price. From here there are a variety of options that a divorcing couple can take:

  1. One party can purchase the other party’s interest
  2. Fair division of the outright sale of the house,
  3.  Co-ownership

Whatever the agreed-upon method, our attorneys will work hard to arrive at fair and equitable property settlements to ensure for justice you and your family’s future.

Serving Howard County and Surrounding Areas

We have served a growing list of Maryland area clients for over 50 years, and we can help with your business and property division issues by applying our latest conflict resolution techniques. Contact The Collaborative Law Group in Columbia today by phone or e-mail and arrange your ½ hour free initial consultation with our outstanding mediation lawyers.

You will appreciate our consensus-seeking efforts and long-term client commitment to your family. We look forward to working with you