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We Will Be There Every Step Of The Way Through Your Maryland Divorce Process

Divorce Options

Divorce is a tough, painful process for all family members. There are a number of different techniques that can be used in your divorce to facilitate the process and bring you and your family peace-of-mind. Arguing in the courtroom and having a judge decide the terms of your divorce is not the only solution. Click on the links below to find out more about what alternatives exist to a standard Maryland Divorce process and what your options are when you are looking at filing for divorce.


With a collaborative divorce, you maintain more control of the process, rather than being controlled by what goes on in a courtroom. Our atmosphere of teamwork, rational exchange, and calmness enables parties’ to embrace a give-and-take approach.

Although there are different forms of mediation, essentially it’s a facilitated negotiation between the parties. The objective is to reach a settlement that both sides recognize as a positive outcome, especially when weighed against the downside risk of a court hearing and continued uncertainty.

If you think that you can only handle your divorce case in a courtroom, think again. As individuals, heads of households and parents, there are solutions that help you work out your problems with our team of caring attorneys and divorce coaches rather than arguing about them publicly in front of strangers and spending your hard-earned money doing it.

For various reasons, spouses may choose to resolve their case without an attorney. The procedures that you must follow for self-representation are the same if you had a lawyer, except you will be responsible for complying with all of the Court Rules and filing the proper legal forms. We can help you with this.