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Business Assets

The Division of Marital Assets in Maryland is a Sensitive Topic and We Will Help to Get You What You Deserve

Business Assets

Our Collaborative Law Group attorneys are all business when the time comes to divide business assets among divorcing couples. We want what is best for you, as the person who perhaps started or co-owned the business, and the very best for what such a property division portends for your family’s future.

We will consult with accountants, appraisers and other financial experts on business valuations. Our detail-minded attorneys effectively examine business ownership interests, plus the status of homes and other kinds of real estate. We want what is decided to be in your best interests and those of future generations too.

Our 41-year-old Maryland practice’s long-standing tradition of lending you an ear and giving you a voice applies to business assets division as well. Contact our law offices in Columbia if we can be of service.

We Crunch The Numbers For You

Dividing business assets in a divorce requires accumulation of precise facts and figures, and interpreting them with an eye towards the future — yours and your family’s. Adding to these unique complexities are the roles sometimes played by the presence of closely held businesses, farmlands and property holdings such as oil or gas royalty streams or stock options.

Our wealth of experience in valuing many types of business assets, both tangible and intangible property, can serve to protect your rights and interests while working with all parties to achieve a fair, equitable business property settlement.

Business Assets of All Sizes

Small-business assets, valuations and divisions can prove complex if one spouse owned the company at the time of the marriage. How we measure the increase in the value of the business during the marriage depends largely on what we can find out from you and learn from our own research. Also, we will need to help decide who has the right to manage the business after your divorce, if it has been run jointly in the past.

Our sound guidance in these delicate matters has helped many of our Maryland divorce clients move toward consensus. We can apply different methods of business valuation and are aware of the many variables that can affect a valuation. We know what questions to ask, what outside source’s input may be necessary, and how to challenge an opposing expert if the situation calls for it.

Our many years of valuable experience in assisting divorcing couples with the division of business property covers every contingency, from dealing with small retailers to professional practice groups and large manufacturing firms. We want what is agreed to be viable for you and to be conducive to the continuous success of whatever business we are discussing.

Schedule Your Free Initial ½-Hour Telephone Consultation

We want to hear the details of the business assets issues that have accompanied your divorce or related family law problem. At The Collaborative Law Group in Columbia, our experienced attorneys lend you an ear and give you a voice. Contact us today by phone, or e-mail. You should know about the many advantages of collaborative family law over civil litigation.