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Our skilled, experienced divorce attorneys in Maryland from The Collaborative Law Group have seen first-hand how mediation and/or a collaborative law approach to a divorcing couple’s issues  is far superior to the bitter vindictiveness that can surface in a courtroom during costly, lengthy litigation.

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Disadvantages of Litigation


Courtroom litigations are extremely long and drawn-out, which equates to more legal fees. As compared to a collaborative divorce or mediated divorce, litigated divorces can be 2-3 times as expensive. This does not even include the cost of time; there could be significant delays due to the overbooking of court dockets. A litigated divorce can go on for months which can negatively affect your career and mental health.


In a courtroom, control of the process is removed from you and handed over to the court. As necessary as these judges are in the deciding of legal matters, they cannot possibly know you, your unique problems, and those problems’ underlying causes as we do, and therefore may unintentionally not act in your best interest or be able to let you meet your goals. Courts are limited by law as to how to solve any matter. The solutions you may have to live with could be short-term quick fixes rather than lasting, satisfying resolutions.

Courtroom Pressures:

Vital emotional issues, such as the opposing sides’ trust and respect, a past you share, and your children’s futures, take a back seat in an adversarial process like litigation. Courtroom litigation urges both sides to attack each other for a better individual solution, ultimately alienating the very people who they should be united for: their children’s sakes. 

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The bottom line is litigation can produce damage of all kinds, scars that may never heal. We urge you to consider collaborative law a viable, hopeful alternative to this potentially ruinous process. For more answers to your questions, you can reach the skilled attorneys at our Maryland offices of The Collaborative Law Group by phone or e-mail. We feel you should know the advantages of collaborative law and the disadvantages of litigation before we go about helping you seek consensus for your family law issues.

Contact us today. Your family will thank you for it