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Real Estate Division

Let Us Help You And Your Spouse With Your Legal Separation in Maryland

Real Estate Division

In a divorce, one of the most difficult issues is often what happens to the house you have been living in as a family, or one that you have partly owned and shared for vacation purposes, or yet another that has been retained for future retirement. At The Collaborative Law Group in Columbia, Maryland, we have 41 years of experience in helping our clients weigh options that must be considered when determining how real estate division should be handled in a divorce.

In other words, it is not necessary to collectively throw up your hands right away and resign yourselves to the sale of the property you saved for, worked to maintain, and loved for so many years. Our input and yours, plus that of your spouse’s, can converge in the collaborative law process to result in a fair real estate division you can live with. This is why we say we lend you an ear and give you a voice.

We think that real estate division matters can be decided rationally and effectively through collaborative law and the spirit of cooperation it promotes. Contact us when we can help with this phase of your divorce.

Appraising Real Estate Value?

A variety of sources assist us with the necessary first step: that of determining the value of your property. As with every other area in which we seek consensus between the parties, we want to encourage agreement on its current market value.

We can use the real estate’s tax assessed value, which is often too low or high, or have a real estate appraiser perform a market valuation. The use of a Realtor could also be beneficial, though a Realtor’s findings are normally used to maximize potential sale price.

Marital and separate property interests in the home should also be identified to allow for the possibility of one party’s purchase of the other party’s interest in the house. Another exit strategy would be the outright sale of the house, with proceeds divided fairly.

Whatever the agreed-upon method, our attorneys will work hard to arrive at fair and equitable property settlements for all forms of real estate, including houses, vacation homes, timeshares, investment property and retirement residences.

You can trust our fact-finding and negotiation skills, as they work within the collaborative family law process, to do justice to you and your family’s future.

Call (410) 465-8900 Today or reach our Columbia law offices by e-mail. When you contact us to arrange your free initial ½-hour telephone consultation, our skilled family law attorneys at The Collaborative Law Group can help you with your pressing real estate division issues.

Real estate division is a significant item to be dealt with in most marriages. As a result of the recent recession and declining real estate values there’s often a challenge in dealing with use and possession of real estate and disposition of real estate. Often there is little or no equity in real estate and refinancing a mortgage or selling a house is an option to be considered by the spouses. We can help you with assessing what might be a good solution for your particular situation.

We will help you with Landlord/Tenant issues and with the purchase and sale of real estate and any related mortgage or lien issues.