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We Will Make Sure You Are Aware Of All The Maryland Visitation Rights and Help Facilitate a Mutually Beneficial Visitation Agreement


At our Collaborative Law Group offices in Columbia, Maryland, we have your child’s best interests at heart. We feel that just as it “takes two” to make a marriage, it also takes two to make post-marriage relationships that will lessen a divorce’s potentially painful impact on a child.

Because each divorcing party wants to have his or her access to the child or children, we will ensure you know all Maryland visitation rights so we can facilitate a visitation agreement that is acceptable for all concerned. We have provided this kind of service to our Maryland clients in the family law area and in a number of important practice areas for 41 years.

First, we need to hear your ideas and the facts of your legal situation so we can produce results for you. This exchange takes place during your free initial ½-hour telephone consultation. Contact us to schedule that all-important first chat. It is your first step toward closure on your visitation issues.

We Give You a Voice

Once we have lent you an ear and been briefed by you as to how we can protect your rights and interests when it comes to visitation, we give you a voice throughout your legal matter.

Our goal is to have discussions between the parties take place in a calm atmosphere, one of mutual respect and consideration.

The more agreeable and open you are as parents, the more positive discussions will be as to when the child or children can be with each parent. The collaborative law process used by our experienced, sensitive lawyers will consider factors like the child’s age, scheduling of alternating evening and weekend visits, and access to the child for special events and family occasions. We are willing to utilize anything that would help you continue to feel a part of each other’s lives, though living separately.

Mediation also can give you every chance for the possibility of a resolution that makes sense for you and your children.

Through mediation, we assist you to come up with the best visitation and parenting plans we can for you. We continue to put special emphasis on all phases of child custody, including visitation. At The Collaborative Law Group in Columbia, MD, our goals are to protect your rights and interests, operate in good faith with your spouse’s representation, stress the mutual interests of the parties, and work for the best interests of any children involved.

Call or E-Mail Us

Those are the many ways you can contact our Maryland offices of The Collaborative Law Group to schedule your free initial ½-hour telephone consultation about your family law and child visitation matters. We look forward to hearing the details of your case and to working with you too. Our full-service Columbia lawyers have been getting results for our growing number of clients for 41 years.