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Spousal Support

The Collaborative Law Group Will Guide You Through Determining Spousal Support in Maryland

Spousal Support

In our successful practice of collaborative law and collaborative divorce, our experienced divorce attorneys at The Collaborative Law Group are dedicated to fostering the kind of rational give-and-take between the parties that will lead to fully executed agreements on sensitive subjects like spousal support in Maryland.

The length of a marriage, the parties’ education, backgrounds, and current and future earning potentials are all major factors in achieving a workable level of spousal support. Many Maryland families have learned that our guidance can produce creative, mutually agreed-upon solutions.

If you are headed for divorce and looking for an alternative to the monetary and emotional expense of litigation, contact our law offices in Columbia. We think you will appreciate how devoted we are to helping you move toward a settlement that both sides can be proud of.

The Challenge of Post-Divorce Issues

Working with us toward agreements on sensitive divorce aspects — like spousal support, child custody and visitation — can definitely be a challenge. At times, it may be the truest test of your ability to be flexible, accommodating, calm and forgiving. In collaborative family law, these qualities can work in your favor and help you avoid the conflict and tension of the courtroom. A settlement, meanwhile, is one constructed by you, not by strangers who force laws and guidelines on your situation and then move on to another case.

With the leadership of skilled attorneys, you can walk away feeling proud of your accomplishment and the role you played in paving the way for a safe, more serene future for your children.

Lending an Ear, Giving a Voice

The productive back-and-forth of divorce negotiation, in an atmosphere conducive to giving you a voice in what goes on, is essential to our collaborative law process. A collaborative divorce differs greatly from a traditional divorce: we want what is best for you first, of course, but our interest in your overall future family harmony is a close second.

Whether our participation involves leading discussions that result in consensus on spousal support matters, or in modifications of those requirements later, our collaborative law and mediation techniques can be your friends during this sometimes challenging journey. We will do whatever we can to make the trip as peaceful and pain-free as possible.

Contact Us in Columbia

We serve clients living in all MD counties, especially Howard, Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel counties too, and the surrounding areas, at The Collaborative Law Group. From wherever you are in Maryland, contact our 41-year-old full-service law firm today. Our attorneys will give you an ear and lend you a voice, and work their hardest to resolve your spousal support issue.

Our law offices are available by phone and e-mail, and we return your call promptly. We look forward to meeting you.