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Collaborative Law

We Strive To Make Sure You Are Aware Of Maryland Divorce Laws That You Need To Know

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

Over the course of our 41 years of practicing family law and interpreting Maryland divorce laws, we have become ardent champions of the many advantages of collaborative law when couples decide to end their relationship. These benefits of open discussion with partners and mediators are the polar opposites of what you can expect to find in the tense, heated debates of litigation in a courtroom.

Maryland divorce lawsAt The Collaborative Law Group in Columbia, our proven methods of seeking consensus on major points in a divorce are generally less costly and time-consuming than litigation. You will experience our special brand of quality legal representation, and yet you will be encouraged to work cooperatively with your partner and his or her advocate in resolving your issues calmly and effectively.

Contact our family law offices to find out how these and other benefits can help transition you and your family toward productive futures.

Your Voice Will Be Heard

You will not only have our ear at all times, but everyone else’s as well. With collaborative law, you enjoy more control of the process, rather than be controlled by what goes on in a courtroom. The atmosphere for the parties’ give-and-take is one of calm, rational exchange and teamwork.

Positive attitudes toward the goals of “win-win” kinds of closure on your divorce’s most sensitive aspects can understandably give an authentic feeling of accomplishment. These can be reflected and stated according to your own timetables too, as opposed to being at the mercy of court dates that might be far in the future.

The results we have guided our many clients toward with collaborative law have proven to us that a settlement rendered by you and your former spouse rather than a judge who can never know all of the facts and after does not have the power to do what you and your partner want.

Collaborative law is the wave of the present. It can work for you today.

Your free initial 1/2-hour telephone consultation with our family lawyers at The Collaborative Law Group in Columbia is an important first step toward the positive resolution of your divorce, custody and support issues. So contact us today and we will lend you that ear and give you the voice you need. We promptly respond to your inquiries.