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Criminal Law

The Collaborative Law Group’s Maryland Criminal Lawyers Assist Clients With Criminal Law Cases

Crimnal Law

Legal Representation in your Criminal matter is a great asset to you and your family.

The skilled lawyers at The Collaborative Law Group can assist you in your criminal case.  Our lawyers have represented clients in DUI/DWI, assault charges, traffic violations, administrative violations, and violation of protective orders, expungements, minor and major criminal cases.

The lawyers will advise you of your rights, obligations and options regarding your charges.  You may be facing jail time and/or other forms of punishment, probation, or a fine.  The attorneys at The Collaborative Law Group are able to assist you in entering into a possible diversion program, get your case dismissed, provide you with an understanding of your options, review all the records that the State has against you and assist you in all aspects of your criminal case.  The attorneys can help you prepare necessary documents to have some of your older cases expunged from your record.

Although we are located in Columbia, Maryland we handle cases throughout Maryland.

While some people may think it is better to represent themselves in their own case, known as pro se, the attorneys at The Collaborative Law Group are able to use their prior experience in assisting their clients with presenting their cases. We will provide you with years of legal knowledge, experience with generating options or plea deals that some may not have thought of prior to contacting an attorney.

The attorneys at The Collaborative Law Group are eager to listen to you and help you make decisions that could ultimately affect your whole life.

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You can reach the skilled attorneys at our Maryland offices of The Collaborative Law Group by phone or e-mail. We feel you should know the advantages and disadvantages of representing yourself or having an attorney represent you in your criminal case.