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Personal Property

We Guide You Through the Division of Marital Property in Maryland Between You and Your Spouse

Personal Property

Our creative, experienced family lawyers at The Collaborative Law Group in Maryland have helped divorcing couples come to agreement on property division settlements for over 41 years. The latest family law techniques we have employed for our clients have achieved positive results.

We insist on everyone’s best efforts for this phase of your divorce because property division really should be arrived at carefully the first time. These aspects of your settlement are very hard to change. This is the kind of honest assessment you receive as a part of our quality legal representation, in addition to the kind of positive outlook and eagerness to negotiate that can get results for you.

Achieve your post-divorce goals like spousal support and property division faster, less expensively and with a greater sense of control than through the bitter litigation route. Contact our Columbia law offices to find out more about the great work we can do for you, and with you, via collaborative law or mediation.

You Talk, We Listen

Our commitment to lending you an ear and giving you a voice is what speeds up the collaborative law process. Every party is heard, every concern is given great consideration. Accommodations are made where possible, and a spirit of cooperation on a variety of points, no matter how detailed, prevails.

For example, we are willing to work with financial and investment experts who can help our collaborative law clients understand the issues surrounding complicated property matters. These issues may involve family business ownership, continuation of that business by a future generation, executive compensation packages, pensions, retirement income via 401k’s and IRA’s, stocks, complex real estate ventures, or other assets that may need to be divided and yet have tremendous tax ramifications.

Information Is Power

We believe an informed client is one who will work with us and the opposing party to make informed decisions regarding their family’s future. In order to remain informed, we will supply you with complete documentation of everything that has been agreed to and we will explain it to your satisfaction so that no facet of our discussions will be left open to misinterpretation.

We look forward to doing whatever we can to play a productive role in this and any other phase of your post-divorce healing process.

Serving Howard County and Surrounding Areas

We have served a growing list of Maryland area clients for over 41 years, and we can help with your divorce and property division issues by applying the latest conflict resolution techniques. Contact The Collaborative Law Group in Columbia today by phone or e-mail and arrange your ½ hour free initial consultation with our outstanding mediation lawyers.

You will appreciate our consensus-seeking efforts and client commitment in future years, and your family will too. We look forward to working with you.