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Child Custody

Maryland Child Custody

Doesn't Have To Be A Painful Process

At The Collaborative Law Group, we have seen first-hand how “hot button” family law issues like child custody can tear a divorcing couple even further apart, and make matters between them even worse. Another unfortunate result is that the children of such a contentious relationship are often caught between the combatants’ wishes, and are not granted the happy childhood they deserve.

Our collaborative law approach to resolving problems like these in a faster, peaceful and amicable manner is growing in popularity across Maryland and the nation. Together, we can work toward achieving a result that affords peace of mind to all involved.

When you are ready to give collaborative law a try in remedying your potentially divisive child custody issues, contact The Collaborative Law Group today.

Your Child Custody Options

Part of our wise counsel to you on the child custody front will feature the varieties of custody available to you, both individually and as a couple. Your objectives could range from physical custody, or actual care and control of a minor child to legal child custody, or the right to make decisions that impact the child; or from partial or shared physical custody, visitation, or sole custody, in which one parent enjoys the bulk of important decisions.

In our offices in Columbia, Maryland, our experienced, attorneys can help you pursue full or partial access to your children in a diplomatic, cost-efficient way, consistently seeking consensus and yet actively speaking for your rights and interests, every step of the way. We do this with your legal interests, emotional state and scheduling obligations uppermost in our minds.

The collaborative law process was originally devised not just for parents, but is meant to benefit children too. By persuading parties on both sides to emphasize the entire family’s interests rather than staking out polarizing positions, you have a far better chance of emerging with a child custody plan that is best for all concerned.

Your Free Initial ½-Hour Consultation

Our free initial ½-hour telephone consultation is thorough and educational. Our experienced and skilled divorce attorneys want you to know all the advantages of our collaborative law approach as opposed to courtroom litigation. “We lend you an ear and give you a voice.”

Contact our Collaborative Law Group Maryland law offices today. You do not have to be in pain and turmoil any longer. And your children will thank you later for allowing us to help you talk it out and reach an amicable resolution of your differences.