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Business Formation

Let Our Maryland Attorneys Help To Advise You On Business Formation & Entity Selection

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Our Maryland attorneys can assist you with determining the best business entity to use, e.g., corporations, LLCs, and partnerships, or sole proprietorships. We will work with your accountant to take into consideration of the tax considerations implicit with the selection of one of the above entities. Also, we will help you determine whether other family members should hold an interest in the business and discuss the estate planning implications of family member ownership of the company.

The skilled attorneys at The Collaborative Law Group can provide you with experience and legal knowledge regarding how you want to form your business, from being a sole owner to the benefits of creating a Limited Liability Corporation or a partnership. We can assist you with mergers of companies, dissolution of companies, contracts with contractors and subcontractors, mechanic liens, and employment contracts. We can also help you defend a contract or resolve a contract dispute.

If you are forming a business, we can review your contracts and help determine if this type of formation is in your best interest or what liabilities you may be exposed to within this business.

The attorneys at The Collaborative Law Group are eager to listen to you and help you make decisions that could ultimately affect your business and what is in your best interest and the interest of your business.

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You can reach the skilled attorneys at our Maryland offices of The Collaborative Law Group by phone or e-mail. We feel you should know the advantages and disadvantages of having an attorney assist you in forming a new business or dissolving an existing business.