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The Collaborative Law Group Will Guide You Through a Mediatied Divorce in Maryland

Helping Family Law Clients Succeed Through Mediation

At the Collaborative Law Group, we help people get the most out of their opportunities for dispute resolution through mediated divorces, child custody cases, or litigation between unmarried parents. To learn more about how mediation can represent savings in stress, money, and uncertainty, contact our office in Columbia.

divorce in MarylandHow Does Family Law Mediation Work?

Mediation is one of the more common forms of alternative dispute resolution or ADR. It represents a way to solve a legal problem without taking the matter to court for a decision by a judge. Although there are different forms of mediation, it’s a facilitated negotiation between the parties. The objective is to reach a settlement that both sides recognize as a positive outcome, especially when weighed against the downside risk of a court hearing.

The mediator can’t and won’t force you into a settlement and will not decide the outcome. A divorce lawyer experienced in family law mediation, acting as a mediator, can do a great deal to keep the discussion focused on the issues, keep personal conflicts and resentments off to the side, and increase the chances that the disputing parties will find common ground for a resolution. One of the real advantages of mediation is that the parties can brainstorm a solution that would never occur to a judge or even your attorney.

At The Collaborative Law Group in Maryland, we ensure that you’re well-prepared to get the most out of your divorce or family law mediation sessions. We’ll help you define your primary and secondary goals, spot areas where you can afford to make concessions and develop convincing talking points to advance your objectives.

Family law attorney Jac Knust’s experience with family law mediation can help you understand the process and take advantage of what it offers. As a seasoned mediator serving on four different court-approved family law mediation lists, he can serve as counsel to people needing advice about the mediation process or as a third-party neutral available to facilitate mediation sessions for other lawyers’ clients in Maryland.

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Mediation is highly suitable for the resolution of practically any disputed issue that can arise in a divorce or between unmarried parents:

  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Property division or debt division issues
  • Child custody or visitation
  • Modification or enforcement issues
  • Problems between domestic partners or same-sex couples
  • Support or custody disputes between unmarried parents

For additional information about how family and divorce mediation can benefit you while keeping control of dispute resolution processes in your own hands, contact the Collaborative Law Group in Columbia.