After The First Full Team Collaborative Divorce Meeting

After The First Full Team Collaborative Divorce Meeting

This is the tenth step of a series of 12 steps that explains in detail how the Collaborative Law Process works. Click here for the previous step.

collaborative meetingThe participants will meet with their financial neutral/specialist, coaches and/or child specialist in between each collaborative meeting.

A: Financial Specialist/Neutral

The financial neutral may ask the participants to provide to him or her copies of the following documents (please note this list is not necessarily a complete list that a financial specialist may require):

  • Assets (house, cars, bank accounts, etc.); Income
  • Liabilities (mortgages, car notes, etc.)
  • Business interests
  • Retirement
  • Employee benefits
  • Insurance
  • Tax returns
  • Expenses
  • Cash flow Analysis
  • Budgets
  • Children’s accounts
  • Trusts

The financial specialist will go into greater detail regarding each document that he or she requires.  After the specialist has had time to review the documents and create an analysis of the participants’ financial situation, the specialist will meet with the participants and their attorneys regarding the financial issues.

B.  Mental Health Coaches.

While many participants may not want to use a mental health coach and are hesitant to do so at the beginning of the process, most participants will find that coaches are very useful members to the team.  The coaches will meet with the participants individually.  The coaches may also work with the participants together.  In these sessions, the attorneys and other neutrals are not present.  If a child specialist is not being used in the process, the coaches will help the participants create a parenting plan without speaking with the child(ren).

There may be situations where the participants only use one each.  In this situation, the participants will meet with the coach separately and then together.  The coach will be a neutral who will be helping both participants.

The coach has a large role throughout the whole Collaborative Process.  The coaches will be there to help the participants, the specialists and the attorneys.

C. Child Specialist

If the team determines that a child specialist is appropriate in their case.  The participants will meet with the specialist without the other professionals present.  The child(ren) of the participants will then meet with the specialist.  After the specialist has meet with the participants’ child(ren), then he or she will give his or her input to the participants and their coaches.   The coaches and the participants meet to prepare a parenting plan.  This plan is then presented to the full team at the next full collaborative meeting.

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