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Legal Services Online offered by The Collaborative Law Group

The Collaborative Law Group offers legal services online for a fixed and reasonable fee through our  24/7 virtual platform. Our online legal services enable you to keep your legal fees affordable as you are guided by our law firm to certain tasks yourself such as filing your papers and appearing yourself at an uncontested divorce hearing. With specific instructions and limited legal service approach you will be able to accomplish your legal objectives without spending a fortune on legal fees.

Our Legal Services Online Include:

1-2-3 Step Procedures to Access Services!

  1. Our legal services online offerings require you to register with for our sservices which will give you access to your secure own MyLegalAffairs website.
  2. On the secure MyLegalAffairs website you can purchase legal services online you want or need and retrieve your item(s) online.
  3. When you are ready for check-out, you can save your data and you can purchase your selected services with a credit card online.

It’s as easy as that! If you would like to have legal guidance when completing a document, or would like it to be done for you, you can always contact us via telephone or email.

How Our System Works

  • We help Maryland residents deal with their legal problems without resorting to non-lawyer alternatives like LegalZoom.
  • We provide all of the legal forms bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee.
  • To purchase a legal form bundled with legal advice you start by completing an on-line questionnaire. You can start your questionnaire for free without paying a fee.
  • We call our service: “Online Legal Services” because you can complete your entire transaction online without the necessity for an office visit. If you need legal advice we provide it to you by telephone or through our virtual law firm platform at no additional charge. Our legal advice is included in the flat fee that is charged for our online legal services.


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