How to Create a Successful Collaborative Divorce

How to Create a Successful Collaborative Divorce

After the participants have selected the Collaborative law approach to resolve their differences and finalize their divorce, they will follow these steps.  Some of the steps may be repeated or skipped and some may not occur, depending on the facts of each matter.  These steps follow the steps found under Considering the Collaborative Process.

Here is a quick overview of each step.  Each step will be discussed in further detail later in the eBook.

Step #7:  Professionals’ Pre-Meeting.  The Professionals might have a pre-meeting before the 1st Full Team Meeting of participants and professionals.  During this meeting, the professionals will discuss the issues presented in the matter.  Also, the professionals will create an agenda for the first meeting.  The professionals will also discuss potential dates for a meeting, location of the meeting and specific roles of each team member to be played at the first meeting and subsequent meetings.

Step #8: 1st Full Team Meeting – Participants and All Professionals.  At this meeting, the entire team will review the Collaborative Participation Agreement and all team members, clients and all professionals, will sign the Agreement.  After all the members have signed the Agreement, the team then follows the agenda that the professionals prepared during their pre-meeting, unless there is a pressing issue that one of the participants feels is urgent to discuss.

Step #9:  Professionals Debrief.  The professionals will debrief and plan for their next pre-meeting which shall occur before the next team meeting.

Step #10: After the 1st full team meeting. The participants are given homework to prepare for the next meeting.  As well as the participants may meet with their coaches, the financial specialist or the child specialist.

Step #11: Additional Meetings/Final Meeting.  There will be a full team meeting with all professionals to resolve financial and parenting issues.  There may be some meetings where not all professionals are present, as the agenda does not require their presence.

Step #12: Acceptable Agreement.  The participants have reached an Agreement that both participants are satisfied with and are willing to sign after consultation with their various professional advisors.

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