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17 Feb 2014

Can I Modify My Child Support Award?

Child Custody

Child support in Maryland must comply with the statutory child support guidelines. Either the parent paying child support (“obligor”) or the receiving parent (“payee”) can ask the Court to modify an existing child support order. The court will modify child support upon the existence of a material change of circumstances. A “material” change needs to more...

17 Oct 2013

5 Factors to Consider in a Child Custody Case in Maryland

Child Custody

A child custody case in Maryland can very quickly become contested and more heated than it needs to be.  However, it is important to keep in mind several factors which will not only help the process go smoothly, but will additionally assist in the years to come. Your ex-spouse is not your worst enemy.  Making more...

4 Oct 2013

Knowing Your Parental Rights in Maryland

Child Custody

Maryland, like many other states, does not have a direct list of parental rights found in its state law.  However, courts have ruled on numerous cases which now provide a template for parental rights in Maryland.  Maryland law typically upholds constitutional parental rights, subject to specific provisions that have been laid out in different court more...