5 Factors to Consider in a Child Custody Case in Maryland

5 Factors to Consider in a Child Custody Case in Maryland

child custody case in marylandA child custody case in Maryland can very quickly become contested and more heated than it needs to be.  However, it is important to keep in mind several factors which will not only help the process go smoothly, but will additionally assist in the years to come.

  1. Your ex-spouse is not your worst enemy.  Making an enemy out of an ex-spouse is never a good idea.  Together you need to raise your child and any disagreements will be directly reflected in the attitude of your children as well as future child custody agreements.  A judge may look at your inability to get along and may take this into consideration in approving any custody disputes.

  2. Your child is not oblivious.  Children are very aware of all signs of conflict between their parents.  Despite how sneaky you think you are being with your disagreements, chances are they are aware and feel responsible for the conflict.  Make sure that your child understands that this is not their fault.

  3. Parental rights. Maryland law looks at a long list of factors in determining child custody and parental rights.  Courts have long held that parental rights are the highest rights afforded and are constitutionally protected.  However, in limited circumstances parents can lose access to their child.  It is important that you understand these scenarios and understand the consequences for all actions.

  4. Best interests of the child. Maryland judges look at a long list of factors which are defined as “the best interests of the child.”  This list includes items such as the child’s preference, the ability of the parents to get along, the proximity in their residences, and a number of other factors.  This list can be crucial in determining the custody agreement and it is important to go through all the factors beforehand.

  5. Revisions.  Child custody agreements are not always set in stone. You may amend the agreements from time to time, depending on the circumstances of your case.  If your ex-spouse decides to move across the world with your child, you will have the ability to contest any current child custody agreement.  It is important to remember that you are still free to dispute current child custody agreements in the face of changes that directly impact the well-being of your child.

Child custody cases are not easy to get through and are often very emotional.  However, it is important to keep in mind that the underlying issue is the well-being of your child and the ease of a peaceful settlement with your ex-spouse.



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