What is Collaborative Divorce?

What is Collaborative Divorce?

collaborative divorceIf you’re considering divorce, you may be subjected to a drawn-out, expensive battle whose outcome will be decided by a judge. But if you and your spouse are on reasonably good terms — or at least willing to work together to come to an agreement — there’s another option: collaborative divorce.

Working Together on a Divorce that Works for Both Spouses

In collaborative divorce, spouses and their attorneys agree to sit down together and work out a mutually beneficial solution. Compromise is expected, or should be expected, by both parties, and this compromise is sometimes helped along by financial experts and family counselors, among other professionals.

Collaborative divorce typically involves a number of discussions between spouses and their attorneys (and other members of the team, if appropriate). All of these discussions are held in a spirit of cooperation, rather than as a competition between two adversaries. And while the discussions can become heated, both parties often emerge from the process feeling civil and respectful toward one another, if not outright friendly, which can be especially important in cases involving children.

Since they’re committed to finding a satisfactory middle ground, — and have usually signed a pledge to that effect — both parties commonly arrive at a mutual agreement on terms for the divorce. But when differences can’t be resolved despite the best efforts of spouses and their attorneys, the collaborative divorce process can be terminated in favor of a traditional approach. In this case, the attorneys involved in the collaborative divorce effort will withdraw, and new attorneys will need to be retained for ensuing courtroom divorce proceedings. This helps to protect the confidentiality of the information discussed during the collaborative divorce process, as well as encourage the continued commitment by all parties to reach an equitable agreement.

Learn More About Collaborative Divorce

If you and your spouse are willing to commit to finding a mutually beneficial solution to your differences, outside of a courtroom setting, collaborative divorce can be a compelling option, one that often delivers better outcomes and better post-marriage relationships, as well as cost and time savings. To learn more about collaborative divorce, please contact The Collaborative Law Group at (410) 465-8900. We’ll be happy to help you explore your options and decide if collaborative divorce is right for you.


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